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Monday, December 22, 2008

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (akhirnya..)

Ada entri dulu² aku kata nak tulis entri pasal Karpal Sindrom ni.. Tapi biasa la malas nak baca benda yg bukan hiburan.. hahaha.. standed..

Skarang ni rajin tetiba sbb buhsan tunggu kaka..Kompom lambat balik ari ni.. Biasa la, aku lebih rela tulis blog dari buat keje.. (K-bank la apa lagi..)

Jari aku mmg sakit sejak tak ingat bila..
Jari telunjuk.. yg selalu guna utk click mouse..
Dah urut² sendiri, suruh kaka urut.. tapi still sakit.. atau lebih tepat.. lenguh..
So macam risau la skarang.. Apa yg tak kena ni..Sampai kena tukar guna jari tengah pulak nak tekan mouse tu..

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS);

It’s the result of overworking your hands performing repetitive (motion) task all day long. Eventually, the stress and strain of constantly doing the same thing with your hands causes the (9) tendons that run through the carpal tunnel your wrist into your hand to become swollen.

Swelling of tendons (swollen tenosynovium) from overuse puts pressure on the median nerve resulting in tingling and numbness in your thumb, index and middle fingers.


Many people that have carpal tunnel syndrome have gradually increasing symptoms over time. The first symptoms of CTS may appear when sleeping and typically include numbness and paresthesia (a burning and tingling sensation) in the thumb, index, and middle fingers, although some patients may experience symptoms in the palm as well.

These symptoms appear at night because we tend to bend our wrists when we sleep, which further compresses the carpal tunnel.

Patients may note that they "drop things". It is unclear if carpal tunnel syndrome creates problems holding things, but it does increase sweating, which decreases friction between an object and the skin.

In early stages of CTS individuals often mistakenly blame the tingling and numbness on restricted blood circulation. They may also be at ease and accepting of the symptoms and believe their hands are simply “falling asleep”. In chronic cases, there may be wasting of the thenar muscles (the body of muscles which are connected to the thumb), weakness of palmar abduction of the thumb (difficulty bringing the thumb away from the hand).

Unless numbness or paresthesia are among the predominant symptoms, it is unlikely the symptoms are primarily caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. In effect, pain of any type, location, or severity with the absence of significant numbness or paresthesia is not likely to fall under this diagnosis.


Current best evidence suggests that carpal tunnel syndrome is an inherent, structural disease determined primarily by one's genes. Therefore, carpal tunnel syndrome is probably not preventable.

Take frequent breaks from repetitive movement such as computer keyboard usage or use of browser based games that encourage the user for excessive finger movement.

Reduce your force and relax your grip. Most people use more force than needed to perform many tasks involving the hands. If your work involves a cash register, for instance, hit the keys softly. For prolonged handwriting, use a big pen with an oversized, soft grip adapter and free-flowing ink. This way you won't have to grip the pen tightly or press as hard on the paper.

Take frequent breaks. Every 15 to 20 minutes give your hands and wrists a break by gently stretching and bending them. Alternate tasks when possible. If you use equipment that vibrates or that requires you to exert a great amount of force, taking breaks is even more important.

Watch your form. Avoid bending your wrist all the way up or down. A relaxed middle position is best. If you use a keyboard, keep it at elbow height or slightly lower.

Improve your posture. Incorrect posture can cause your shoulders to roll forward. When your shoulders are in this position, your neck and shoulder muscles are shortened, compressing nerves in your neck. This can affect your wrists, fingers and hands.

Keep your hands warm. You're more likely to develop hand pain and stiffness if you work in a cold environment. If you can't control the temperature at work, put on fingerless gloves that keep your hands and wrists warm.

Nota kaki:

Adus.. takut pulak baca ni.. sebelum ni nampak mcm sgt teknikal artikel ni.. tapi sbb rasa macam ada simptom² tu tetiba jadi paham semua..

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